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Wd Error Code 5657

This GTID has been reported as active in more than one school in this district. Error Code Input Field(s) Error Message F T E F I N C P I S R E1016 PROGRAM CODE; GIFTED DELIVERY MODEL If GIFTED DELIVERY MODEL is reported, then PROGRAM E017 SCHOOL ENTRY CODE SCHOOL ENTRY CODE of 'N' is not valid as student was reported in a previous school this year. Gender reported for active student does not match the gender in GTID. http://txtbl.com/wd-error/wd-error-code-223.html

E2171 BI-LIT LANGUAGE 1 BI-LIT LANGUAGE 1 cannot be the same as BI-LIT LANGUAGE 2 or BI-LIT LANGUAGE 3. Error Code Input Field(s) Error Message F T E F I N C P I S R E009 Reserved - COURSE PROFILE RESERVED - COURSE PROFILE - possibly replace W009 E0722 GRADE LEVEL; GRADUATION PROGRAM OF STUDY NO LONGER VALID FY2017: GRADE LEVEL = 'PK' - '11', GRADUATION PROGRAM OF STUDY must be blank. GTID submitted was not found in GUIDE application.

Unless those drivers are in a RAID0 configuration where the data is split between drives, there's no need for RAID support. Many thanks cman548 2012-07-24 15:18:09 UTC #2 trying finding the very last of the 01. If they're just 2 1 TB drives, plug both of them in and you'll have access to your data.

E1582 ALTERNATE SCHOOL CODE SC - Alternate School Code must be a valid program or school code within the Alternate System. E129 NUMBER OF DAYS Only whole day and half-day are allowed for NUMBER OF DAYS. E105 PROGRAM CODE, GRADE LEVEL GRADE LEVEL = 'U1', '01', '02', or '03', PROGRAM CODES = 'A', 'C', 'D', 'E', 'G', 'H', 'J', 'K', 'M', 'N', '6', '7' and '9' are No students reported at a school for which courses are reported.

E1137 PATHWAY CODE EOPA - Pathway Code must be one of the valid pathways listed in the Pathway Code table. E185 CAPSTONE PROJECT For GRADE LEVEL 'PK' - '08', CAPSTONE PROJECT must be blank. E053 SCHOOL CODE No courses reported at a school for which students are reported. http://pcrepairpro18.com/western-digital-error-5657.php Generated Tue, 01 Nov 2016 13:26:09 GMT by s_sg2 (squid/3.5.20) Georgia Department of Education Office of Technology Services Error Code Listing Sort by: [ALL FTE FIN CPI SR] Error Code Input

E2050 FUND FUNCTION OBJECT Total Object 881 Out of Balance - Object 881 should net to zero across all funds. E019 CTI; GRADE LEVEL; PRIMARY AREA CTI must be BLANK for all regular education students in all grade levels and for SpecEd students in GRADE LEVEL = 'KK' - '08'. There were no EIP students reported in the current FTE collection. E174 UNEXCUSED DAYS ABSENT UNEXCUSED DAYS ABSENT must be a whole number and right-justified.

E038 SYSTEM, STUDENT ID, WITHDRAWAL REASON, WITHDRAWAL DATE WITHDRAWAL DATE for dropout is less than WITHDRAWAL DATE for dropout in other SYSTEM. Must be 'Y' or 'N'. Please rate the helpfulness of this answer Answers others found helpful How to update the firmware on a My Book Live or My Book Live Duo WD external hard drive makes E125 PRE-K PROGRAM CODE PRE-K PROGRAM CODE is not a valid code.

E250 SIA SIA code missing or not valid. http://txtbl.com/wd-error/wd-error-code-1309.html EIP class size must be between 1 and 14. E036 STUDENT ID Enrollment record required if special education record reported. Then I would copy those individual files that have not been transferred from the old external to the new one individually.

E1072 END PERIOD Must equal 00-99 or null Error Code Input Field(s) Error Message F T E F I N C P I S R E1073 ASSIGNMENT SUBJECT All schools that reported FTE for the current school year must also submit school-level Student Record information. Please see FTE report FT091 for details and more information for resolving this error. his comment is here Error Code Input Field(s) Error Message F T E F I N C P I S R E075 DAYS ABSENT DAYS ABSENT must be a whole number and right-justified.

E213 EL MONITOR YEAR EL Monitor Year must be '1' or '2' when EL = 'M' for monitored. INDIVIDUAL GRADUATION PLAN (MS) must be BLANK. At least one Special Education Record is required for EVENT CODE '05' (Initial IEP Meeting) or EVENT CODE '07' (IEP Annual Review).


GIFTED DELIVERY MODEL='2' cannot be reported for more than two courses in the same CONTENT AREA OF CURRICULUM. E2502 EIP LEVEL, TOTAL STUDENTS, TOTAL EIP STUDENTS Level 'O' for Other represents either regular instruction or other EIP models. E029 SCHOOL ENTRY CODE SCHOOL ENTRY CODE missing or not valid. RETAINED cannot equal 'Y' if WITHDRAWAL CODE is entered.

E1567 LOCATION OF ENROLLMENT NO LONGER VALID - PROGRAM CODE = '6' or '7'. After setting it back up again, the NAS OS seems to start up, crash and reboot continuously. (The light turns blue and occasionally flashes yellow, blue indicating power, yellow indicating start-up, There were no Kindergarten EIP (E Program Code) FTEs reported in current FTE collection. weblink E198 CREDIT IN LIEU OF COURSE CREDIT IN LIEU OF COURSE = 'Y' is only valid for EOC courses.

E135 21st CENTURY SKILLS ASSESSMENT (MS), GRADE LEVEL FY2015- NO LONGER VALID: GRADE LEVEL is not '08'. 21ST CENTURY SKILLS ASSESSMENT must be BLANK. E197 CREDIT IN LIEU OF COURSE CREDIT IN LIEU OF COURSE = 'Y' is only valid for GRADE LEVEL '07' - '12'. E149 PROGRAM CODE, PROGRAM TYPE PROGRAM TYPE = '04' (Extended Learning Time), the PROGRAM CODE must be one of the following codes:PROGRAM TYPE = '04' (Extended Learning Time), the PROGRAM CODE