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Cannot Delete File Access Denied Windows Xp


please , im so begging you, and as i said early ill be prepared to pay some money toward your valued help. If the file is an AVI, in particular a DivX AVI, try renaming it and then deleting it. It helped to get back files from a directory I "shared" on the network that never shared properly. Now a question.

Right click on the problem folder --> Properties. 2. After that, in the command line window enter: explorer to restart your desktop. PC Mechanic - Fix your PC's Windows registry errors. Thats all I am interested in. http://www.howtogeek.com/forum/topic/cannot-delete-filename-access-is-denied

Cmd Force Delete Folder Access Denied

After I checked that and clicked OK I went back to look at the folder again. Just what I was looking for. Despite all its quirks, Windows does do some things for a good reason.

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  2. At least one of these album folders had folders inside of them which were TOTALLY invisible.
  3. Press return.
  4. Tue, 2008-07-29 21:13 by admin It seems that you have found yet another reason why a file or folder cannot be deleted—a mangled file system.
  5. I then copied the gobbledegook folder back to where it came from.
  6. BTW, the reason I was trying to convert the drive is because that is the only way to upgrade to Vista (and Windows 7) without having to wipe the disk, lose
  7. Lee Murray Yes.
  8. If you put the hard-drive back in after you take ownership to run a repair do you have to relinquish ownership? (Windows XP) If yes, do you reverse the process?
  9. Kimmie I solved this problem by opening up the HD through an APPLE computer.
  10. Darko Herak Thank you 🙂 Didn't think of changing permissions, after taking ownership.

In this path, the total character count is over 255 characters. You thought the omnipotent admin could do virtually anything in Windows right? I even tried creating a new partition and copying over My Documents (but it was like 200 GB) and it said it would take days before I could format the old Error Deleting File Or Folder Windows Xp Zoolz Cloud Storage Unlimited - 5 Years - Home edition Kernel Windows Data Recovery Kernel Ost to Pst Convertor Email marketing software Discount Coupon Website for all major Ecommerce websites twitter

Click here for instant PC assistance for Can't delete a file in Windows XP? Make Sure The Disk Is Not Full Or Write-protected And That The File Is Not Currently In Use Cheers-> Jimmy Jimmy Who would have EVER thought that "Use Simple File Sharing" would cause such pain? Brilliant! https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/320081 Anubha Thanks a lot for this post.

i need some help with this asap.. Windows Delete File Access Denied Administrator Jimmy Who would have EVER thought that "Use Simple File Sharing" would cause such pain? i've taken ownership. I think I learned a lesson today, thanks to you, if a file is created from java program, then use java program to remove it.

Make Sure The Disk Is Not Full Or Write-protected And That The File Is Not Currently In Use

This was the ONLY way to remove it. http://brajeshwar.com/2005/file-access-denied-on-windows-xp-and-how-to-take-ownership/ That wasn't mentioned in the Microsoft website!! Cmd Force Delete Folder Access Denied are you on the same planet mircosoft?... How To Delete Access Denied Folder Using Cmd Table of contents for this article Reboot Reboot, then delete.

Please try the request again. http://txtbl.com/access-denied/cannot-delete-file-access-denied-windows-7.html girish i transferred files from c drive and then formatted only c with xp. After disabling sharing, I had no access to the directory or any of the "non-existent files" inside. (Properties kept saying the directory was 0 bytes when there are many databases inside But both paths have to be local. Rd /s /q Access Denied

as in NO check mark.  Evilkenivel6 make sure simple file sharing is disabled (open my computer>tools>folder options>view, all the way at the bottom UNCHECK simple file sharing. Hey, you're not alone.  The error is annoying that it's almost crass. Alejandro Dervissoglou I'm desesperated. http://txtbl.com/access-denied/cannot-delete-file-access-denied-windows-8.html Any suggestions?

Syntax : Type RMDIR /S /Q "" (where is the Location of folder you wish to delete). How To Force Delete A Folder I am now finally able to delete these folders. so, if a Admin cannot, who can?

Check whether the folders are all gone.

Login to post comments Glad it helped Thu, 2008-05-01 10:16 by admin Isn't it strange that the operating system refuses to obey its master's command? I'm the damn Administrator of this computer! For example, the following command: del abc*.* /f /a:h would delete all files whose names begin with abc and which carry the hidden attribute, regardless of the system or read-only attributes. Download Unlocker What a pain!

Nuno Rebelo There's an easy method: 1. Or clear your memory without restarting by ... Exactly what I was looking for...! raj awesome bro thank u saved my ***, u are great.

I clicked that, clicked on the Apply button and the Properties window disappeared. THANK YOU for speaking to us like adults and providing a real solution. OK, here is the best trick of all. Make sure you put a little check in there so you become the owner of not only the parent folder but everything in it too.

A definite must have program when you are fighting an annoying spyware or adware program that won't remove. RD /S & the short name of my problem folder and my 3 problem .MP3 files are FINALLY gone. You can even buy one for a dollar. Select the Security Tab. 3.

Using one of the three tools shown above, you should be able to remove those annoying undeleteable files once and for all. You can do this by either pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del and selecting "Task Manager" from the menu or by going to the Start menu, pressing "Run," and then entering "TASKMGR.EXE." 7 Click on Have you checked both? Packrat1947 Login to post comments Unbuntu Tue, 2008-07-29 16:07 by jputter I tried with success the Unbuntu 8.04 download.

The safest way is not to open Windows Explorer in the first place. Bloody Brilliant! I did not allow you to pass in a path - I considered this a dangerous thing to do - that is why I force you to hard code the exact it may help resolve http://techsharepoint.blogspot.com/2012/12/windows-7-access-denied-error.html Peter Excellent!

However, I have had near 100% success rate in doing a cut/paste on the offending files and/or folders, from their current location to the root level, (such as C:\). Login to post comments Freeware with added function Mon, 2011-03-07 21:15 by lang1952 I had the same problem when AVG identified but failed to remove 3 trojans from a protected directory, wikiHow Contributor You might not have admin rights on the files. Arne Bummer, that doesnt work.

Still, if somebody keeps having this particular problem, it could be useful. It allows me to take ownership of folders or files from Explorer's right-click context menu.